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The Simplest, Most Effective Strategy for Profiting from Cybersecurity Today

Today's financial markets are more complex than they've ever been, leading many investors to believe their investment strategies have to be equally complicated to work.

That's simply not true.

In fact, simple is always better... and potentially one whale of a lot more profitable, too.

Today we're going to talk about how a specific event triggered an entry

How to Trade Volkswagen (VLKAY) Now

When I started Total Wealth, I promised that I would give you a blend of tips, tactics, and specific trading ideas to help you maximize your wealth based on the events of the day.

Today I'm going to keep that promise with a look at how to trade Volkswagen right now, using a brand

The No. 1 Reason to Love a Government Shutdown – Double-Digit Profits

Sigh... we stand yet again on the verge of another government shutdown. This time the bickering centers on funding related to Planned Parenthood, which has been linked to the appalling sales of fetal body parts in recent months, while other legislators insist on a planned multibillion dollar tax hike for private equity managers.


Why the EU Refugee Crisis Is a Bigger Risk to Your Money Than the Fed or China

Today we're going to talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room. No politician will touch it, and no citizen wants to acknowledge it in an era where political correctness has run amok.

But we have to.

"It" is Europe's desperate refugee crisis, and "it" is by far the single biggest threat to your money today. You're

These Double-Digit Returns Are Hiding in Plain Sight

Entirely too many investors lurch from one stock to another in a desperate search for higher returns. While a precious few get lucky, the majority doom themselves to abysmal returns. Wall Street, of course, loves this, because this kind of behavior gen...

Four Black Monday Takeaways Wall Street Hopes ETF Investors Never Understand

Exchange-traded funds - ETFs for short - are billed as among the most investor-friendly products ever created, thanks to low fees, intraday pricing, and unprecedented flexibility versus the mutual funds they've ostensibly "replaced."

In reality, ETFs are yet another Wall Street creation designed to separate you from your money.

Proponents will undoubtedly cry

Why Pundits Are Wrong When They Tell You Energy Investing Is Dead

Fatih Birol thinks energy investing stinks.

Never heard of him? A Turkish economist and executive director of the International Energy Agency, he's the Bill Gross of energy. And, like Bill Gross was in 2011 when he predicted interest rates were going to surge and completely exited the Treasury market in a move that cost

The Real Threat from China’s Stock Market Crash

Conventional wisdom at the moment says that China's coming unglued and that the country's stock markets pose a grave danger to global investors. It's communist, it's a Ponzi scheme, it's ruled by insiders, it's leveraged up to its eyeballs, ghost citie...