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New Research Shows the Fed Accounts for 93% of Market Moves Since 2008

Editor's Note: We're sharing this excerpt from this week's Money Map Report because some new data about the full extent of the Fed's influence on stock market growth has come to light, and Keith believes everyone should know the truth of what's happeni...

This Investing Tip Could Add Another 190% to Your Returns

I got an interesting letter from a reader the other day - Rogan - who wanted to thank me for consistently driving home the point that you must take emotion out of investing if you want to be successful.

"That's made a huge difference not only in my investment returns but also in my life in general.

This Indicator Has Racked Up Huge Profits for Investors Who Caught It

FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney cut right to the chase recently, asking me within seconds of the market opening:"What specific strategies can our viewers use to make a lot of money really fast in today's markets?""Two things," I replied.You sho...

If You Want an Accurate Financial Forecast, Ask a Waiter

Many investors really start to study the markets this time of year in an effort to divine what's next for global markets and, by implication, their portfolios. Corporate earnings, jobless statistics, and the latest Fed machinations all play into the mix.

But for an accurate financial forecast, I prefer to simply head for some of

This Gun Stock Has Returned 5X the S&P 500 for a Reason You May Not Expect

Quick... how many Comcast Corp. (Nasdaq: CMCSA) technicians does it take to fix a DVR?

Eight, evidently... and my DVR is still not working after five weeks of calling offshore customer service centers, visiting technicians who are guaranteed to arrive within a "two-hour window," and even the company's executive resolution team.

Sadly, my predicament isn't unusual, and